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About us

I am a retired German marketing consultant and philanthropist, providing the world’s wealthiest elite an opportunity to make a real and tangible difference in the lives of the less fortunate communities in Knysna.  I have  invested in a team of local and international experts enabling his exclusive clientele to engage at ground level with their environment, local culture, communities, and VIP’s.


You have access to a unique range of services when it come to retirement consultancy, property  or investment opportunities,  If you wish to chat informally or brainstorm about ‘now what’ or explore our philanthropic opportunities you can do so with us, we have experienced life from the streets of Detroit, the sun-drenched beaches of the Seattle , the ghettos of Rio, the chaos of Nigeria, and the wild beauty of Africa.

Our team uniquely offers a variety of customised consulting packages, including how to retire in one of the worlds most breathtakingly  beautiful natural environments, real estate, business and investment  opportunities.

The packages include accommodation, and tours of the area, entertainment and leisure  activities.

The consulting and presentations if required are done in a relaxed and  informal environment with specialists, who have access to a wide range  of unique local and international services and research.


Whether you are interested in a philanthropic project or not, a percentage of your expenses is automatically channelled into existing upliftment programmes where, as a result of our in-depth local knowledge, we ensure that 100% of the money allocated goes to where it is supposed to, and no-where else.

You can even create your own unique community upliftment programmes, which Michael and his team are happy to implement and carefully monitor on your behalf.

Participation in a philanthropic programme, whether it be one of Michael’s or your own initiative, entitling you and your close family to discounted accommodation at the guesthouses in our network and access to our  infinite range of services.

We are not here to SELL you anything; we are here to enhance your life in a totally relaxed, informal environment over a cup of coffee or a drink, if you wish.


in Rio de Janeiro infront of the sugar head


We are non-judgemental, completely neutral and tolerance is an integral part of our philosophy. We have the greatest respect for all religious, spiritual and cultural practices.  We are equally at home with exhausted musicians, burnt-out CEO’s, drained politicians or relaxed spiritual masters. We understand simplicity and minimalism, but also offer extensive knowledge of the finer things of life and international etiquette.  Whatever makes you feel comfortable. We wish to firmly state that we do not condone or accept racism or discrimination of any kind.

You have accrued your wealth, achieved your business objectives, won your accolades, are semi-retired or retired,

now what!

Life has to be more than this.  We know, because we have been there.

First and foremost, we offer you or your family a relaxing holiday and a protected hideaway from the stresses and constant naggings of the outside world.  Time for you to breathe, think and reflect

We want to stress that we are not financial consultants, hungry businessmen, real estate agents, stock brokers or shady second hand car salesmen.  We are knowledgeable, experienced and educated friends. There are no ulterior motives. 


 in the clubhouse, cooking together with guests from all over the world  ( references )

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